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Marvel’s Eternals Concept Art Teases A Close Look To The Celestials, See Here

Eternals being one of Marvel Phase 4 part of several movies which was announced at the Marvels Studio panel last month. Eternal is all ready to release in November 2020 casting Angelina Jolie.

Some early parts of the film have been revealed now by illustrator Rodney Fuentebella, released as an exclusive poster at SDCC. Even Rodney posted his illustration on him Instagram handle showing the giant Celestial, who created both the Eternals and the evil Deviants. Tough they have been featured previously but their this new look gives them a whole different look which is the entirely new and incredibly impressive look. Just have a look below on this art.

Even Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios described the tones of the Eternals At the SDCC panel – as being “full Jack Kirby,” which is just referring to the comic book cosmic art style capturing some of the flavors of Fuentebella’s art obliviously.

Eternals would hit the theaters on 6th November 2020 directed by Chloe Zhao and the casts that would be featured are Jolie (in the role of Thena),  Salma Hayek (as Ajak, the Eternals’ leader),  Lia McHugh (as Sprite) , Richard Madden (as Ikaris), Don Lee (as Gilgamesh), Brian Tyree Henry (as Phaistos), Lia McHugh (as Sprite) and  Kumail Nanjiani (as Kingo Sunen).

Other Marvel studios movie announced at SDCC are Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings,  Thor: Love And Thunder,  Blade reboot, Black Widow and Madness In The Multiverse. Apart from this more details of upcoming Marvel TV shows were to revealed at the SDCC panel.

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