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National Treasure 3 : Will Film Release After Launching Of Disney Plus?

The most thrilling and exciting treasure hunt film of the generation is the National Treasure series which depicts the storyline of finding the treasure within the situations. In the first Part, Ben Gates (Nicole’s Cage) is a treasure hunter and been searching Knights Templar treasure which his family hinted about.

Efforts lead to stealing and he has to steal declaration of independence for next clue and in the end, he found the treasure and enjoyed its 3 percent with his partner Abigail Chase (Dani Kruger).

The storyline got extended through its sequel National Treasure and the Book of Secrets where he and Mitch Wilkinson found the City of Gold hidden behind Mount Rushmore.

Now it’s time for the third part but we don’t see that coming in the near future and early dates because of the following reasons:

Busy Cast and Crew 

The cast and the crew including producer Jerry Bruckheimer has a very busy schedule, so he doesn’t have time to work on the project of National Treasure.

The arrival of Disney Plus

Disney launched his streaming service Disney plus and will be on air in November. So delay in many movies including National Treasure could be because of Disney plus.

Proper Script

Even script of National Treasure 3 is not finalized by the writers and this disclosed by the very own lead character Nicoles Cage stating the fact that “It is challenging to getting a script where it needs to be.

So these are the possible reasons which could delay the release of National Treasure 3 and maybe fans would have to wait until 2021 to see the next movie.

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