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A pair in Pennsylvania supposedly lied about their son’s pregnancy, birth, and death and then accepted gifts and money fraudulently during a falsified tragedy, according to court papers.

Geoffrey and Kaycee Lang face charges after they reportedly claim their child, Easton Walt Lang, had been born on July 3, and died hours later in Conemaugh Memorial Hospital, according to court papers submitted on Thursday.

Hospital officers and local coroners ‘ departments informed the police that they had no record of Kaycee or Easton Lang, according to an assertion of the probable cause.

In an interview on Aug. 5, Geoffrey Lang informed the State troops that he had not been to the hospital when his child was born.

Source: The digital wise

Kaycee Lang was interviewed that day when she informed her son’s government soldiers “they had Respiratory Distress Syndrome and died hours after birth” according to court documentation.

“The child died of liquid in his lungs, and its heart rate dropped below 50 bpm,” he supposedly told the police, adding that his wife was released, according to documentation, soon after her death.

The husband told Hindman Funeral Home that the cremation was carried out, a probable cause said. Hindman Funeral Home employees, however, said Easton Lang’s troops had not been cremated there.

At the home of Langs, police found a lifelike baby doll and an urn customizable for “Easton Walt Lang.”

At Geoffrey Lang’s mother’s request, an unidentified female informed the police that she had created a GoFundMe page for Langs according to court papers. Kaycee Lang, the lady said, assisted in writing a paragraph that outlined the need for cash.

The Langs supposedly received more than $600 in gift cards, foodstuffs, gas money, and cash according to papers. One female informed the police that she was giving cash to Langs to assist pay for the urn.

Another woman said she had invited to the shower and, according to documents, gave a couple of clothing, diapers, and linen.

Geoffrey and Kaycee Lang were charged with robbery by deception, theft by illegal taking of movable property and stolen estate. The Langs are both scheduled for Oct. 1.

They don’t have lawyers yet.

Meghan Scripture, the spokeswoman for GoFundMe, said 15 donations to the Langs Campaign, totaling $550.

“GoFundMe does not tolerate this kind of behavior,” Scripture said in a declaration. “We collaborate completely with police forces during the inquiry, and we will issue complete refunds to all donors. We have a zero-tolerance policy for any misuse on the platform. All donors have the GoFundMe Guarantee fully safeguarded, so an extensive refund policy covers donors in the event of misuse.”

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