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Another Life Season 2: Here Are the Exclusive Details

After watching season one of Another Life fans have higher expectations from their season two which will be with us soon, however, there has been no official confirmation made by

Netflix and their team about the renewal of another life but fans do have high hopes that it will come back for another season we also have inside information from Katee Sackhoff who is an actor in the show and is also the producer for the show, she mentioned in an interview that the show will have three seasons so fans can be happy as we will see Another life back on our screens soon.

source: the verge

Katee plays the character of Niko in the series she said in the interview that it was a unique and enjoyable experience for her being an actor and a producer as she was able to be a significant part of the discussion she also mentioned that she loves her character and the entire cast and crew of the show that helps every episode look so good.

Season one of Another life aired on 25th July 2019 on Netflix so we don’t think we will be seeing a season too anytime soon maybe if we get lucky it may come around summer of 2020, but it is a long wait, and we hate that.

We are expecting the entire cast to return to the show, but we know we won’t be seeing Salvare’s pilot Ian as Niko killed him in the first season, we also don’t see Bernie returning to the show as well.

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