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Did Rapper Yung Miami Planned A Fake Attack On Herself To Seek Revenge From Ex Boyfriend Kodak Black?

Its been over a week since Miami based singer-rapper Yung Miami was attacked by some unknown people who fired almost 14 gunshots on the car she was driving. The pregnant rapper miraculously survived the attack that would have surely taken anyone else’s life.

All the shooting and survival stuff just happened days after Miami’s ex-boyfriend, and also a fellow rapper Kodak Black threatened Miami of kicking her in the stomach and killing her unborn baby.

The fact of the attack on Miami bothered rapper Kodak Black, who recorded a rap from his cell in a Miami prison, where he threatened his ex-girlfriend, in the composition, he said he wanted to hit her in the stomach.

Detective Lee Cowart said there are still no immediate suspects in the shooting, and he said the investigations continue.

The question that now arrises and complexifies the whole scenario is who can do this if not Kodak Black. Maybe someone who wishes to entangle and drag in-prison rapper Kodak Black or else Maimi would not be able to survive 14 gunshots like an MIA spy.

A possibility is that someone willing to seek revenge from rapper Kodak Black might have his or her’s hands in the shooting incident. But what if it is none other than rapper Yung Miami herself.

Bringing onto your notice, Kodak Black threatened to kill Miami’s unborn baby in the recent in prison song he released and Miami was angry and she completely lost herself over it. Just an assumption, Miami could have planned an attack on herself so that her ex-boyfriend and rapper Kodak Black doesn’t get a single chance to step out of prison anytime soon.

Miami surviving 14 gunshots can go, either way, it can be a miracle or a perfect strategic plan to drag Black into a significant crime controversy again.

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