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Gamescom 2019: Everything We Know So Far About The Shodown!

Gamescom 2019 is just days away for its showcase and could do wonders if everything goes in favor. However, E3 happened and it disappointed every fan in terms of quality exhibitions. 

What Exactly Is Gamescom?

Gamescom is also another mode of gaming technology exhibition, it is regarded as the most visited exhibition. A mass no of visitors attended the event and there is massive no of exhibitors.

When will Gamescom take place?

Gamescom has an almost very same schedule on an annual basis. It usually takes place in the month of August. 

Place: Cologne, Germany

Dates: 20th August To 24th August

Everyone disappointed with the game exhibitions, even E3 was not up to the mark. But now Gamescom could do the impossible and make itself a major hit. All the event has to do is to show some worthy editions of games.

Gamescom 2019 will be a major factor which decides the outcome of many games and their developers. There was an unfinished business left in E3 and Gamescom could grab the headlines if everything goes well.

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Gamescom will offer numerous exhibitors with leading game developers and the latest trends in the world of gaming technology.

However, according to the designed schedule, more than 15 publishers are ready to go for the event. 

List includes:


The developers who are mainly regarded as the sports giant will be on board this time. 2k could reveal some of its future generations of existing games. Forex NBA 2k, the official basketball masterpiece from the publishers. 


FIFA 20 – Volta Mode

There was just a little session of FIFA street in the journey section of the game. This edition is so much appreciated by the fans and they will love that street mode introduced in the FIFA 20. FIFA Street is also another franchise of FIFA but its not on their plate anymore. So adding street mode in the FIFA 20 is a bonus for fans and it could be a moment of rejoicing for them as two games merged in one. It is nicknamed as Volta, which features both the males and females players. There are higher chances that the gameplay will reveal soon in a month or two. Before the demo release, there will be some more sessions of gameplay by EA. So the gameplay is fully expected at Gamescom event where fans can see the glimpse of new Volta mode.

Need For Speed 2019

This year EA will also not showcase its racing masterpiece and this is much disappointing for fans. However, They revealed that game will launch this year but still fans won’t see the glimpse of new Need for Speed at E3. Gamescom could reveal the game as Ea is on Board to show the rhythmic manner of the publisher.

Source: EA.com

Microsoft (Xbox Game Studios)

Unlikely there are higher chances that the company will show a glimpse of the next-gen console at the event. Games are a better part of Gamescom but a new generation console is always prioritized by the fans over games. The company should respect fans expectations and give them possible hands-on the new console.


When there is a competition then the rival has to step up on the same occasion and should make also its presence felt. So there are chances that Sony could reveal PlayStation 5 at Gamescom and fans already excited for the console so for its bundle’s games. After Sony Dropped the E3 event, now there are higher chances that the developer will be in Germany to keep things right.

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Source: Youtube

Game Titles

Sony will also offer some games to the exhibition such as Death Stranding and The Last of Us Part 2. So it looks like Sony Would not disappoint once again and don’t want to meet the same fate as E3.


Nvidia will offer something related to its next-gen graphics cards and could be new technology on board. Ray Tracing and Superseries graphics cards could be the center of attention for the graphics giant.


Intel will give some more details on the 10th-gen processors which are launching this fall. So speculated Ice Lake Processors is on the hit-list for the publishers.

Major Missing Games

Batman Arkham Game (Insurgency)

Last installment of Arkham Series: Arkham Knight was a major success as the part implement the much-awaited feature – Batmobile mechanism. The game is still in rumors and there is no such action takes place on its reveal.

Dragon Age 4 

The main concern about the Dragon Age 4 is that Wil Game going to tease at Gamescom 2019? or they have other plans for the reveal of the next Dragon Age. If we talking about Dragon Age 4 Unveil, then the game is not likely to be at the event. Bioware is not enrolled for itself for the exhibition.

Marvel Avengers

After Avengers: Endgame, there is good news for the Marvel fans as  The Marvel Avengers was all set for release next year. As the game announced as part of a new partnership with Marvel Entertainment and Square Enix early last year. The game will release on 15th May 2020 as confirmed by both Marvel and Square Enix.

At Comic-Con Marvel has shown a glimpse of the game and fans are actually loving it than E3. Now the game is solely focused on its gameplay reveal and Gamescom could be a preferred platform. Comic-Con shows only a glimpse of the game but Gamescom is expected a lot more to show. But it is reported that the Marvel Avengers gameplay will not be there to entertain marvel fans especially.

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