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Opera GX: First Gaming Browser Is It Useful Or Not?

E3 is mostly known for gaming advancements including the latest games and gears used for gaming. But this year the event comes with a surprise as Opera revealed its Browser- Opera GX. It is exclusively designed for gamers and its controls whatever a gamer wants in a web browser.

Feature of Opera GX

Ram and CPU Limiter

Opera GX is the first introduced browser which has an in-built CPU and RAM limiter. GX lets you set the limits as hard and soft which is based on the amount of memory and CPU the browser can use. This a major factor in terms of memory usage and browser will have massive advantages.

Twitch Integration

Twitch is a live streaming platform mainly used by gamers to stream while playing games. You can easily access subscriptions and even get notifications if a streamer is going live. So it will be better now for the gamers to get in touch with their favorite streams.

Video Pop-Out

Opera GX will soon add a  bonus feature where users can have a floating window playing over games so the gamers can watch streams while you playing.

Ad Blocker

Opera GX will have an in-built feature of blocking the unnecessary ads in the browser. The most annoying stuff on the internet is Ads while surfing. But Opera GX promised to offer an ad-free experience.

Gaming SideBar

There will be a separate sidebar for the gamers and it will everything consists of the gaming panel.

The Browser already rolled out, experience the new gaming browser as soon as possible.

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