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PES 20 VS FIFA 20: Konami Challenging EA For A Better Competition!

This year FIFA 20 is likely to break its previous records of sales. FIFA 20 edition could be the best version of FIFA ever. So PES is coming all along with some adjustments in its franchise and ready to take on FIFA as an annual basis. But the deal is which one leads the race for Sports simulation.

So a comparative analysis of features is the point of interest and decisive among the two.

Features of FIFA 20

Street Mode Confirmed

There was just a little session of FIFA street in the journey section of the game. This edition is so much appreciated by the fans and they will love that street mode introduced in the FIFA 20. FIFA Street is also another franchise of FIFA but its not on their plate anymore. So adding street mode in the FIFA 20 be a bonus for fans and it could be a moment of rejoicing for them as two games merged in one.

FIFA 20 comprises of street football “Volta” which will be only available on every platform except Nintendo Switch. There are chances that FIFA street mode’s gameplay will be at E3 for sure. This could be a turning point for EA sports as it’s the much-awaited on the franchise.

European League License

FIFA has a contract with UEFA for the likeliness of the theme of the official Champions and Europa league. it is reported that the agreement is on a long term basis and there are more years to come for UCL in FIFA.

Major Changes

FIFA 20 promised to bring some more changes to the popular franchise as there will be some adjustments in the impact engine. Online issues also considered for the rectification and FIFA 20 could be the best the fans will get.

Features of PES 2020

Football Legends

The game will feature football legends in their respective leagues, for example, Ronaldinho in a match. Johan Cruyff and Diego Maradona will be in the role of Managers.

Name Change

The first thing Konami did with PES is they have given it a new name Like Uber eats Ligue 1. Now PES will be known as e-Football now onwards which referred the previous title PES.

Finesse Dribble

Now we are talking about major changes in the engine of the game as dribbling is now more realistic. Andres Iniesta, the head advisor of the game helped the developers to make dribbling more enhanced and user-oriented. Players can use both analog sticks to perform a perfect dribble move.

Dummy Kick

PES lacks the dummy moves as the movement is concerned or shooting, However now PES improvised the section. Players can do more dummy moves easily without losing the ball such as fake shots and pass.

Context-Sensitive kick Accuracy

PES has many problems regarding its shooting, as it sometimes lacks accuracy and power which cause game in danger. Chance missing is common in PES as a simple tap-in could hover over the Bar and goal kick as a resultant. But now long-range and short-range shots or long balls will be accurate enough as there are not so many margins of errors.

Improved Ball Physics

The best thing PES did is to improvise the ball control for the players. the first touch is now much better and passes can be moved swiftly than ever.

So this PES is so much advanced rather than previous versions, However, UEFA license would be missed. But if you are a Barcelona fan then you must like this game as it is fully licensed.


If we talk about the gameplay, despite using brilliant ball mechanics, PES gameplay is still lagging behind. Its gameplay is not on par level and FIFA already killed the competition this year with the street mode.

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