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PUBG PC Lite: Stats Are Proving That Lite Version Is Better Than Original Franchise!

Pc version is the foundation of the popular game and it is the most concerned version of Pubg. Fans really want to play Pubg pc but there are many obstacles on the way, the basic factor is requirements of the game. Requirements of the Pubg is too high and even a good internet connection is required to run the game smoothly.

So Pubg launched a lite version on both pc and mobile to widen the experience on low-end devices. With the introduction of the lite version of PC, the original franchise is in imminent danger.

Better Graphics than Emulator

Pc lite has good graphics in comparison of emulator version, basically, the emulator is a pc version of mobile. So pc lite bought up as a mixture of both emulator and pc version. So a user will prefer PUBG PC lite over emulator if he can’t play the original PUBG PC.

Gameplay Mechanics

The gameplay of Pubg pc is totally based upon the pc version of the game. So this is a massive advantage for the lite version to run smoothly on mobile graphics and mechanics of pc version.

Low System Requirements

Lite version has a major factor and that is requirements, the game requires the same hardware which tends to run emulators. So now requirements came as a boon for the gaming population as PUBG PC requires heavy hardware to run the game.


PUBG PC and emulators are badly optimized and it has many bugs and glitches. The biggest one is emulator doesn’t use GPU in terms of rendering, so the only CPU works to enhance the game performance which results in much input lag. But in Pc lite version there is no such problem for smooth gameplay as Beta phase seemed pretty okay.

Downsizing Sales

PUBG PC lite directly affects the sales of the original PUBG PC as its available for free. Whereas PUBG PC is available for 14$ on steam, so it will surely be downsizing the sales of the franchise. Talking of downsizing as no new PUBG PC users want to purchase PUBG PC as PUBG PC Lite is preferable for the users.

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