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Sacred Games Season 2: Is Sartaj Singh Dead For Season 3? Updates On Season 3

Now that you’ve been binging through Sacred Games’ entire second season, we need to speak about that final. Netflix’s largest first Indian show finished with an explosive (and hopefully not literally) episode, leaving many at the brink of their seats. On Twitter, of course, supporters rave about it and also talk to each other about what it all meant. It is also time for us to join the discussion.

But first, be advised that beyond this stage, significant SPOILERS will be debated.

The final episode, called Radcliffe based on the Radcliffe Line drawn during the 1947 Partition between India and Pakistan, lastly brought together the two timelines of the show. While we’re finally catching up to the day when Ganesh Gaitonde (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) murdered himself, we’re also entering D-Day, the 25th day when the Guruji (Pankaj Tripathi) and Shahid Khan (Ranvir Shorey) atomic bomb in Mumbai is intended to explode.

Source: The Indian Express

Sartaj Singh (Saif Ali Khan) is left alone with the nuclear bomb in the final moments of the season, while others take off in helicopters just minutes away from the explosion. To deactivate the weapon, he must draw a pattern on a tablet, and he only has three out of five attempts remaining. By drawing random patterns and waiting for the best, the first two were quite stupidly exhausted by a scientist.

She was, of course, just attempting her luck because they were 11 minutes from the annihilation with no clue as to how to unlock the thing. That is until it takes over from Sartaj. He attempts to create patterns allocated to Batya and Trivedi with the assistance of Guruji’s Kaal Granth but fails every time. Finally, he is left to choose between the design of Gaitonde or the pattern of Dilbagh Singh’s dad.

He lastly picks his dad, draws him on the screen, waiting to unlock him. But before we finally realize whether he received it right or not, the screen fades to black, and the season finishes without any other pledge.

So was Sartaj able to diffuse the bomb?

A previous scene from the episode showed Shahid Khan drawing a straight line to activate the bomb from the top right to the top left corner, but Sartaj’s code was quite distinct. Could it be that he was incorrect? More optimistic individuals argue that the activation and deactivation code of a bomb does not need to be the same.

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