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Was That David Schwimmer Stealing Beer From A Shop?

Friends actor David Schwimmer jokingly protested his innocence with a funny video after British cops asked the public to define a Hollywood star-like grocery shop robber.

Police in Blackpool reassured the public that Schwimmer had a strong alibi in his inquiry. “We have carefully researched this issue and verified that on this date David Schwimmer was in America,” the force wrote in a declaration. “We’re so sorry it must be this way.” But Schwimmer decided to provide some hard evidence to support his assertion by posting a video on his Twitter, displaying him in a U.S. shop. Carrying a beer box off. “Officers,” he quipped, “I swear it wasn’t me.”

Police at Blackpool’s seaside resort discovered their Facebook feed inundated with responses and merriment this week after posting a picture of a person supposedly stealing from a store a crate of beer. Commenters rapidly realized that the wanted guy was Schwimmer’s spitting image, whose most popular and endearing personality in the hit US sitcom Friends was the ever-loving-lost Ross.

source: usa today

Cue a plethora of fun-if not especially helpful-puns associated with friends on the Facebook feed of Blackpool police. “It’s a serious robbery on guys, it’s not that common, it doesn’t occur to every man, and it’s a large deal,” Alicia Heathcock wrote.

“It’s not Ross, it’s Russ,” added Rachel Louise Hutchinson, “he’s trying to frame Ross to win back Rachel.” Others have chosen to recast The Rembrandts ‘ famously catchy theme tune.

“That’s how no one told you life would be like this. It’s a joke for your job, and you’re broken, D.O.A. for your love life. It’s like you’re always stuck in second gear. And you’re stealing some beer in SPAR before you know it,” Freddie Quinn wrote, referring to a British supermarket chain.

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