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What Happened To Stark Tower After Tony Stark’s Death? Here’s The Answer

The sale of the Stark Tower became a very important subplot since Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), but so far the MCU has not provided a concrete answer about the comparator, which has led fans to speculate This deliberate delay can only be because Marvel Studios is reserving the position for a widely recognized character like Fantastic Four or Norman Osborn. However, a new theory proposed by Screen Rant suggests that the new owner could be Dario Agger, the CEO of Roxxon.

Dario Agger was born into a wealthy family in Greece, which was killed by pirates. He managed to escape to a desert island in the Aegean Sea where he ran into a statue of a Minotaur and subsequently was blessed with the ability to transform into the mythological beast. Driven by greed and using his wealth, Agger soon excelled in academic studies and joined Roxxon Energy Corporation. Under his command, it would become the most powerful company in the world thanks to its ruthless commercial tactics, its willingness to ignore environmental problems and take advantage of vulnerable communities.

Roxxon has already had a significant presence in the MCU. The company has had small Easter eggs throughout the Iron Man trilogy and even in one of the short films Marvel One-Shots we see Phil Coulson stop at the company’s service station, prior to his arrival in New Mexico where he had fallen the Mjolnir. Roxxon has also appeared in Marvel Television productions, which technically occur in the main universe of the MCU, in series such as Agent Carter, Agents of SHIELD ., Daredevil and Cloak & Dagger.

But Why Only Dario Agger? The answer is the announcement of Thor: Love and Thunder. It is no secret for comic book readers that decisions such as letting Sam Wilson / Falcon takes over the mantle of Captain America, the new formation of heroes that remained in the MCU after the disappearance of the original Avengers and the adaptation of Mighty Thor with The first female version of the “God of Thunder” as the basis for the fourth Asgardian film, is aimed at adjusting the MCU to its most recent lines of print.

Dario Agger is precisely one of the key villains of Jason Aaron’s stories since 2012, challenging Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and even the Asgardian settlement on Earth. In the comics, it all started when Thor learned about the damage Roxxon was causing to the environment and decided to destroy the company’s factories. Just as now in the MCU, the Asgardians resided on Earth and Agger took revenge by polluting the area around the New Asgard, in addition to leading a successful media campaign that forced the Asgardians to leave the planet. It is there when Jane assumes the role of Thor. She and Agger met multiple times culminating in the recent War of the Realm event.

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