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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare: 2vs2 Gunfight Gameplay Unveiled At Gamescom!

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is on its way this fall, and finally, we have a root version of the game. On the bonus deal, a 2vs2 Gunfight mode gameplay already declared for the latest franchise.

2v2′ Gun Fight Gameplay

The 2vs2 gameplay is another multiplayer mode on the cards, and it will feature four players against each other. Gamescom opening night featured a detailed version of gunfight gameplay of Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

The scenario of Campaign Mode Gameplay

Will The Gameplay Be Revealed Or Not?

Game’s name already confirmed and trailer is out, and fans can’t stop their excitement for the title. But it is very unlucky for them that they will not be getting even a glimpse of the gameplay. So currently all they can do is to rejoice the fact that they will get the game this year.

However, there is no statement from Activision why they ruled out the gameplay reveal at the event. We can see the game progressing as some football players already tested it. So we could see the gameplay at the various platform, or there will be no gameplay before the launch. So anything could happen regarding the gameplay of the Activision masterpiece.

Possible Reveal At Gamescom

E3 didn’t display a tiny glimpse of the gameplay of Call of Duty Modern Warfare. But it is reported that the game had a secret screen for the gameplay at the event. But we are ruling out this as a fake cause there is no gameplay currently. According to leaks, the first mission will be in the night mode, which will take you down to the memory lanes of the first Modern Warfare. So the gameplay is expected to be revealed at Gamescom (Activision booth).

As Gunfight Gameplay once again showcased and we still missed out on Single Player Campaign mode. So we could see Captain Price in action soon when the single-player gameplay got out and it could happen at Gamescom probably.

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