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Father Murders 14-Year-Old Daughter By Slitting Her Throat, Then Walks Into Police Station To Confess

Joshua Burgess has been convicted for the murder of his own daughter Zaria Burgess. The father turned himself to the police voluntarily and confessed the heinous crime of murdering his own daughter by slitting her throat.

Joshua Burgess, 32, of Wesley Chapel, North Carolina walked into the police station and confessed to having murdered his own daughter. He admitted to having killed her and got her blood on his hands. The murder happened in his own home when his daughter Zaria Burgess was visiting him. she had come to visit him for the weekend.

There was a lot of gruesome hostility involved in this whole incident. He told the court that he had first strangled his daughter, before slitting her throat. The whole incident was narrated by him, and the gallery of people watching in the court were traumatized to another degree, as to how can someone be so ruthless!

Source – CBS 17.com

The motive of the crime was unclear as the prosecutors didn’t speak of it or even mention it. They didn’t explain the details of what led to the crime and what was the motive of the accused of committing such a heinous crime.  The father was seen avoiding eye contact in the court and was standing there with his head held low.

The cousin of the victim, Dytaysha Wadswort, stated that she didn’t deserve this. She further added that nobody deserves to fo like this, especially at the hands of her father, who was supposed to protect her and be there for her.

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