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Liam Hemsworth Was Fed Up Of Being ‘Humilated’ Due To Miley Cyrus And Was Not Able To Handle It Anymore

Liam Hemsworth got married to singer Miley Cyrus around seven months back. Their fans were pleased about the fact that two people that they love and admire got married. But when the news of the divorce of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth popped up, the people who were following them, needed some time to let the news sink in.

The reason for their divorce is still unclear. Both parties have put forth their own version of the story in front of the public eye. Miley’s side of the story is that Liam started going big on certain drugs and it didn’t go well with her. Whereas Liam’s representatives have denied this version and have put forth their own.

Liam Hemsworth, is apparently, sick of being humiliated because of the mannerisms and personality traits of Miley, that she had left behind in her past, but after their marriage, have started popping up again. Miley returned to her old lifestyle of partying and being wild all the time. It was the time after her Disney days that she experimented with herself and grew into this wild woman.

Source – Newshub

The nail in the coffin was Miley kissing Kaitlynn Carter in an Italian Hotspot. Initially, it seemed like their breakup was amicable, but as the details have been popping out, it’s increasingly becoming convoluted.

Their relationship was not going forward smoothly, but the last thing that impeached their relationship was Miley’s infidelity with Carter. Miley talked about the kind of sacrifices she did to be able to perform, during one of her shows. Who knows, she might as well be talking about her relationship!

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