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Lil Xan Says He Never Molested Any Fan, Reveals He Is Dating The Girl After Allegations

Speculations were floating around that Lil Xan molested a fan back in June, as in one of his pictures, he was seen touching a woman’s butt while he was hugging her. Now, Lil Xan has stepped forth and shot the claims where people were saying that he molested one of his young fans.

He took to Instagram to share a video and tell people that the girl that was in the picture was the girl that he is seeing right now. That girl was not a regular fangirl of Lil Xan, but she is the one that he is dating. People, on the outside, started speculating, after seeing the picture, that Lil Xan was molesting a fan, but as it turns out, he was apparently, not doing that.

He clearly said in the video, “Are you guys fucking serious?” He further added, “You think that’s a fan. That’s a girl I’m talking to. I ain’t molesting fans, you guys just wanna do anything to try to hurt my fucking career.”

In addition to the video, he used the caption to introduce people to the girl that he’s seeing right now.”The girl is @dani_toorish a girl I’m talking to you dummys lol,y’all just wanna see me fall, also I look so funny in this thumbnail.” Toorish, also denied the rumors on her part, in a similar fashion, that is through an Instagram video.

In the caption, she wrote, “[Stop] making dumb rumors about Diego that are so false.” She further added, “He’s an amazing guy and if you saw the video you can clearly tell that we are hugging.”

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