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Man Brutally Murders Daughter’s Boyfriend For Getting Her Addicted To Drugs

Michael J. D’Biagio, a man from Pennsylvania who has been charged with criminal homicide and aggravated assault charges for allegedly shooting a boy who “got his daughter on drugs or coke”

Michael is facing several charges after he killed a teen whom he believed was getting her daughter hooked for drugs. The man after arrest admitted he used his firearm to shoot 17-year-old teen who was identified as Darren Scott Jevcak, outside of the place where he worked. Office workers were called to the park where the man was lying. He was rushed to the hospital where he was sentenced deceased.

Police told that Michael was still present at the time of their arrival and they took him into custody. Michael told police that he shot the teen 5-6 times outside his place of work. He also told them that he found his daughter was in a relationship with Jevcak and was sneaking out of the house to use drugs.his daughter was allegedly buying and smoking marijuana, as well as using cocaine, with Jevcak, according to the criminal complaint.

Michael threatened his daughter several times but later he took all the matter into his hand. When he was all alone at home, he called Jevcak to come outside his office and then he shot him multiple times.

The neighbors and the boss and workers of the office came out and confronted him to put down his gun. Michael tried to run away from the place but was arrested by the police.

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