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Netflix’s La Casa De Papel ‘Money Heist’ Season 4 Filming Ends And Other Latest News

The most international Spanish fiction has finished the recording of its new chapters this week, although some of its protagonists have been saying goodbye to the shooting set for days

Less than a month after the premiere of the third season, the paper house team has already finished shooting the fourth installment of the series.

The person in charge of announcing the end of the recordings has been one of its directors, Koldo Serra, who finished his part of the work on Wednesday 14, although making it clear that his teammates still had two days left.

“After almost a year since it started, yesterday we ended this crazy adventure that has been the filming of ‘The paper house. Possibly the most demanding project, most beast and one of the funniest in which I participated, “wrote the Basque director, who was” exhausted “by the work done before getting rid of praise before the series team and send them” cheer up with those two days left. “

If we consider the latter, the shooting concluded yesterday. Although to tell the truth, some prominent members of the fiction of Vancouver Media and Netflix already said goodbye to the set days ago. Álvaro Morte, for example, did it at the end of last week with ‘toast’ included.

“Toast to all. For your team (the best Vancouver Media) and for you, who see us all over the planet. Thank you all … Long live!”, Published ‘The Professor’ on his Instagram profile.

Pedro Alonso also wanted to put a farewell message coinciding with the end of filming. However, in your case, it sounds goodbye. From filming and from the series? Of course, that “Bye, bye Berlin” (“Goodbye, goodbye Berlin) leaves the door open to all kinds of speculation regarding the future of his character in a hypothetical fifth season, for which his companion Itziar Ituño bets despite Money Heist has only its continuity assured until the fourth delivery.

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