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Suicide Bomber Blasts Himself Killing Over 60 People During A Wedding Celebration

One of the most severe attacks of terror on civilians in a long time was witnessed this Saturday in Kabul when a suicide bomber bombed himself in a wedding killing up to 63 people in the incident.

The local affiliate to the Islamic State took full responsibility for the incident they also came out with an online statement with a man holding a rifle now as far as the details go the extremist Sunnis identified the man being a Pakistani citizen named Abu Asim his motive to attack this group was simply because they were followers of Shiite Islam and had described as “rejecter polytheists”.

In the starting officials said only 38 people died but once the area became a little more clear a recount was done and they found nearly 63 people dead and more than 150 people who were injured in this incident a pure form of terror attack on civilians who did no harm to anybody is a significant high and cry in today’s globalizing society and especially in the Islamic countries.

source: cnn.com

One of the Taliban’s insurgence denied any connection to the event, and they said that this was a very “brutal act,” Taliban group has been at peace and is undergoing a negotiation with the US officials.

Which we have heard is going to reach a deal which will mean that all US troops will have to leave. Afghanistan has been suffering for a long time with such brutal acts from time to time, and we have condolence for all the families out there.

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