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Why Sacking Ernesto Valverde Would Be Best For Barcelona?

Barcelona is becoming a disaster from past 4 seasons, In fact, they won domestic league form past two seasons. But they are not on their prime and been struggling in European competitions as their manager is not fulfilling his duty responsibly.

Ernesto Valverde has won domestic double once and this season only boost the club with the domestic league. But this is not the priority for football club Barcelona as they want to win UEFA Champions League. so if they want to achieve coveted trophy they should sack Ernesto Valverde as soon as possible. And continuing him for next season will be a disaster for the club.

Excessive Defensive Tactics

Ernesto Valverde is a type of manager which prefers defense over the attack, as a resultant Barca failed to win UCL. They got knocked out the same way as in previous season, Despite having three goals advantage Liverpool still manages to through the finals. He has his defensive instructions on priority and didn’t think about the attack until the last 10 minutes of the game, this had happened twice.

Squad Rotation

Ernesto Valverde has a major problem in terms of rotation of the squad. He never believes in it, thus team becoming more and more dependent on Messi which costs the team a major loss. Players become tired in important matches, however this time they got an early rest before the game but still, it’s not enough for winning the game.

Crisis In Player’s Position

He is responsible for strange ambiguities in the dressing room as many players don’t have any fixed spot. However, Barcelona has a good depth of Players but still, they can’t cope with them. Valverde has a backup of every position but still, he doesn’t have any clue of it

Ruining Players

He is the major reason behind that some of the players like Coutinho, Denis Suarez, and Malcolm were not developed yet. since Coutinho transfer, he plays at an unnatural position, he used to play at mid but under Valverde, he plays at wing. As a resultant, he is out of form on many occasions and can’t live up to expectations of fans. Malcolm not getting much playtime and transferred to Zenit. This makes these players less attentive when they get playing time. Now Coutinho got a loan move to Bayern Munich which shows the negative impact of Barca board and management.

So now it’s crucial for Barcelona to bring new boss on board which has attacking mentality and tactics.

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