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5 Things You Should Know About Dwayne Johnson’s Wife Lauren Hashian

Hashian and Dwayne Johnson are married! On August 18, the long couple knotted the secret Hawaiian ceremony, and Lauren’s gown was beyond astonishment. However, apart from the reality that Lauren is now off the market, how much do you understand about it? Were you aware of her being a singer-songwriter?

  1. She And Rock Are Dating From 2007

Although The Rock is a prolific user of Instagram, there are a few things he often doesn’t share with the public, correctly the details about his relationship. In 2015, he lastly opened up his connection. “I have lived with Lauren Hashian, my long-term wife, now, like, eight, nine years. She is a songwriter-singer.”

“We are doing these stories, and we’re talking so much about the business end, the success ending, but then Lauren has not mentioned, and my daughter’s not told,” he added.

2. Rock And Her Have 2 Children

Simone, 18, comes from his former wife and company partner Dany Garcia. The Rock and Lauren have their own two kids. In 2015, they greeted Jasmine, 3, and in 2018 Tiana.

source: Hollywood Life

3. She Comes From A Classic Rock Band

Lauren grew up in Massachusetts, Lynwood, and this makes a lot of sense when you understand that her dad was the classic rock band drummer, Boston. Lauren’s father was John “Sib” Hashian (and fresh father-in-law from The Rock), who replaced Jim Masedea, the initial drummer from 1975. Unfortunately, Sib died in 2017.

4. Falling In Love Was The Plan For Both

The pair met during The Rock’s 2006 screening of The Game Plan in Boston. The Rock was married to his first wife at the moment. Following his divorce with Dany in 2007, The Rock and Lauren allegedly began dating.

5. They Didn’t Plan For Getting Married

Just a year ago, The Rock said he was not in a hurry to put Lauren’s finger on a ring. “I always refer to her as my spouse. So many individuals are like, Oh, have you married?” When promoting his 2018 film, Skyscraper. “That’s how I am.”

Now, after 12 years of dating and welcoming together two lovely daughters, it seemed like a moment for The Rock to get married.

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