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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare: How The Latest Edition Saved The Franchise?

Call of Duty has finally arrived and fans can’t stop drooling over it. Modern Warfare is the latest title which recently got rebooted as Developers decided not to extend it. But finally, fans rejoicing after such a piece of great news.

Since years Call of Duty got distracted from its roots and tried to get succeed into Battle Royale segment. But this move miserably failed as Call of Duty Blackout is not on the level fans expected. However, there is a tough competition in Battle Royale games such as Pubg and Fortnite have the league of their own.

How Call of Duty Modern Warfare Saves Franchise?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is enough for developing the hype and now the game is finally all set for release. Call of Duty Modern Warfare is the most popular series of the COD franchise, its three installments have everything that a perfect game needs. Storyline and Gameplay are beyond compare which also made you fell in love with the characters. From the past two years, Call of Duty is not on his top standards and beaten by Battlefield in terms of gameplay and popularity. Now Call of Duty Modern Warfare will be a reviving factor for the franchise and its already shown its true color of power-packed action shooter.

The comeback of Famous Characters

Most Loving character of Call of Duty Captain Price will be back in the franchise. His character development in the franchise is a major reason for the series got more exciting. He is the protagonist of the series and we can’t imagine Moder Warfare without Captain Price.


The game will have a cross-platform feature which will increase its demands in the market.

Soldier and Freedom Fighters Role

Call of Duty Modern Warfare will have both Soldier and Fighters role. This is the first time when Call of Duty prefers two roles beside enemies.

Direct-X Ray-tracing

It is reported that Call of Duty Modern Warfare will have Ray-tracing enabled. Gamers who prefer high detail will experience Call of Duty Modern Warfare better than ever.

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