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Keanu Reeves’ Matrix 4: Latest News And Other Major Updates

Fans of the films have been waiting eagerly: Now there is a green light for a continuation of the “Matrix” series.

No other role was played by Keanu Reeves, 54, as famous as Neo in the three-part Matrix series (1999-2003). Now the futuristic action series is to be continued with Reeves in the lead role, as the US industry papers “Hollywood Reporter” and “Variety” reported on Tuesday.

The actress Carrie-Anne Moss (51) is back on board in her former role as Trinity. Lana Wachowski returns as a director, author, and producer.

“Lana is a true visionary,” said Toby Emmerich, head of the Warner Bros Pictures Group, according to a statement. The studio is excited to put the next chapter in the “Matrix” universe in her hands. The first three episodes were directed by the directors Lana and Lilly Wachowski, who was then known as the brothers Andy and Larry. 

The science-fiction thriller “Matrix” was a box-office hit in 1999, which turned the viewing habits of the audience on its head with breathtaking kung-fu scenes and sophisticated special effects.

Reeves personified the thoughtful kickboxing fighter and hacker Neo, who is supposed to use superhuman powers to save mankind enslaved by machines. About the content and a possible shooting start of “Matrix 4” was initially not known.

Reportedly, Warner Bros. is again in the talks of rebooting the immensely popular and hit action movie of 1999, The Matrix. Previously in 2017, Warner Bros. was reportedly eyeing on Michael B. Jordan to star in the action flick. The news that trended back in 2017 for a while was, Warner Bros. in contacts with Zac Penn, the writer of Avengers, X-Men and many more iconic hits.

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