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‘The 100’ Season 6 Cliffhanger Ending Explained

‘The 100’ has ended another season leaving viewers with their mouths open and many questions unanswered. The series created by Jason Rothenberg continues to travel unexpected paths, having gone from adolescent dystopia in its beginnings to a kind of science fiction adventure story that seems to run out of ideas.

After finally leaving a Earth devastated by radiation, the end of the fifth season left us with one of the most shocking and exciting scenes of the series , while its two great protagonists, Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) and Bellamy ( Bob Morley ), faced a new planet to discover and a human community that hid too many secrets.

the scenario in which the whole plot of the sixth season has passed, in which the series has had to change everything we knew to open new paths for its characters. Paths that, as we have seen in the last episode, may not even be part of this world. But let’s not rush. After landing with their ship on this new planet, the protagonists find this community governed by the dependent relationship between the people and the Primes, an aristocracy that needs the bodies of its subjects to reincarnate and continue existing.

However, we will soon know that this has nothing to do with sacred rituals or divine interventions., but with a chip where each person is encapsulated and that can be placed in another container after the physical has been extinguished. So they are not elected, as they have led the people to believe, but a group of leaders hungry for immortality at all costs.

Headed by Russell ( JR Bourne ), the Primes will find in their new tenants a new way to stay alive: not only several of them have the “black blood” necessary to support the process, but also, thanks to Abby ( Turkish Paige), they know how to create it. An infinite supply of bodies in which to travel? It seems like a perfect plan for the group, and especially for one of its biggest leaders, Josephine Lightbourne ( Sara Thompson), which will invade Clarke’s body for several chapters until the latter, whose consciousness did not leave at all, struggles to recover it. By the time that happens, the chaos will have already unleashed entirely in place: Gabriel’s children (a banished organization from Sanctum fighting from the woods against the Primes) allied with Bellamy, Octavia ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) and company to take out to the locals of their deception, which many (especially those who have given their children to be sacrificed in vain) already suspect.

The portal opens and a rejuvenated version of Diyoza appears, which turns out to be precisely his daughter Hope ( Shelby Flannery ). How is it possible that in a matter of days the fetus in your belly has become an adult woman? Does that mean that the time within the portal works differently, or that it is perhaps a portal to travel through time? The answers to these questions will have to wait.

All this new and unexpected character says is that “he” (who?) Has his mother kidnapped on the other side of the portal, and Octavia tells him, very ambiguously, to do whatever it takes. At that moment, it turns out that it is stabbing her, which causes her to end up disappearing in Bellamy’s arms. Has Octavia died? Another question for the long list that we have accumulated at this end of the season.

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