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The Handmaid’s Tale: 5 Questions To Be Answered In Season 4

‘ The handmaid’s tale ‘ has put an end to its third season, with an eye on an imminent continuation. It is not for less: the series has become the flagship of Hulu and one of the most successful on the platform of HBO Spain thanks to several years of awards (they took over the Emmys in 2017) and critical recognition. Although the support has been declining since it took off, after its first season, from Margaret Atwood’s novel, there is no doubt that it remains one of the most beautiful and substantial stories of the moment. The maids uniform has become a symbol of oppression against women (one that some they have used it lightly ) and their look to the not-so-distant future seems less and less dystopian.

After following the thirteen chapters of the new season week by week, we have some doubts for the future of the story and its characters, which we materialize in a series of questions that the fourth season will have to answer.

Is June dead?

The end of the third season is definitely ambiguous. The biblical verses, the look at the infinite, the improvised stretcher of the maids taking June from the woods where he has been shot … We could almost interpret it as a farewell, but it seems unlikely. Rather … impossible. ‘The maid’s tale’ is not going to separate from its protagonist. Elisabeth Moss’ bluish gaze, full of anger every time she looks directly at the camera, has become an image as recurring as it is essential for the series. No, this will hardly be the end of June.

Will you find Hannah?

Along with the possibility of a war between countries, the search for June and Luke’s daughter, Hannah, is undoubtedly presented as one of the possible engines of the fourth season. The family that hosted her, the McKenzie, left the city of Boston after June’s repeated attempts to approach the child, and her whereabouts are unknown for the time being. If the protagonist has the possibility of going free in her next stage in Gilead, we have no doubt that she will remove heaven and earth to find her daughter. After three seasons, it is time for me to find her and rescue her.

What happened to Emily’s life in Canada?

It seemed that she would be one of the protagonists of the season, but it disappeared soon when the focus of the series stayed on what was happening inside Gilead. It is also the case of Moira and Luke, but the case of the character played by Alexis Bledel was different in a certain way: he escaped his captivity at the end of the second season, and at the beginning of this continuation we saw her arrive with June’s baby in her arms to the Canadian coast, but not before living a terrible odyssey. His arrival was uncomfortable and strange, like someone who has come out of a coma to discover that everything around him has changed, but the reward has been to recover his life with the family that did manage to escape in time from the fascist hell.

Will we finally know the core of the Resistance?

It would not be far-fetched to think that this is where June will end up reaching a certain point in the fourth season: to that base of the Resistance, which was mentioned in the first episodes, which the Marthas usually contact. They receive shipments of weapons and explosives, among many other things. It would be a great picture to see June arriving at that base camp, and joining his armed offensive.

What happened to Chicago?

Speaking of armed offensive … Wasn’t Chicago at war? In certain chapters of the third season, we hear that the American city has become the battlefield for some of the last sequels of the war that remain in the country, mainly dominated by Gilead. However, the issue stops appearing in the news, and no one mentions it in the entire final stretch of the season, so we are not sure if the contest continues or if it has had a winner. Perhaps, in case it is not over, it can be a scenario for the events of the new episodes.

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