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Why Both Messi-Ronaldo Past Their Prime And Couldn’t Be Best Anymore?

Messi and Ronaldo are the most prominent footballers of this generation. They have conquered the world football for over a decade and shared the prestigious accolade Ballon d’Or.

But now it looks like they don’t have any effect on the game as they both miserably failed in achieving their targets. Will their dominance be over for forever, We have some analysis on this fact.

Age Factor

Both were caught up by the age, Cristiano already 34 and lost his speedy pace. Whereas Lionel Messi age 32 and can’t dribble the way, he did in his past seasons. This could be a massive reason in their performance as they are gradually becoming not so influential on the pitch.

UCL Dominance

This year both Messi and Ronaldo can’t make further in the UCL football. Last year Ronaldo had contributed so much in the campaign but not worthy of accolades. So they both are not up to their top-level which they were used to be. Whereas Lionel Messi again had hard luck and knocked out by Liverpool in Second Leg of the UCL.

Team Dependance

Both the teams are so much dependent on them to make something big in the competitions. As a result, the pressure is on the peak, which causes them to collapse, football is a team game, but when they are present, it’s not. So becoming more pressurized day after days, they’ve already lost their prime, if this continues, then there will be no competition between them for the individual titles.

However, Messi still managed to clinch Golden Boot this season but lack of prestigious trophies making him out of the picture whereas Ronaldo inspired Juventus to the Quarter Finals with a hattrick against Atletico Madrid but couldn’t get so far.

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