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13 Reasons Why Season 3: How Hannah Baker’s Absence Will Affect The Series?

The third season of 13 Reasons Why is only days away from its launch on August 23, and Netflix dropped a fresh trailer to send levels of anticipation through the ceiling. Several of the 13 Reasons Why cast appear in the new promo, from Dylan Minnette as Clay Jensen to Alisha Boe as Jessica Davis, but Hannah Baker (played by Katherine Langford) is one person not to star. Here’s why in season three promo wasn’t Hannah.

The third season of 13 Reasons Why follow the mystery of Bryce Walker (Justin Prentice) who killed him. This is reflected by the new trailer as the drama follows each of the Liberty High students raising suspicions about who the killer of Bryce might be. Hannah Baker does not appear, nor is she even stated, in the 13 Reasons Why season three promo.

The easy response is, quite simply, because, in season three, Katherine Langford is not returning to 13 Reason Why. Over the first two seasons of 13 Reasons Why, Hannah Baker played a pivotal role. Her suicide in season one and the premise for the series was the subsequent set of tapes she left for those who had wronged her. The action turned to the truth behind the tapes in season two and ended in the season finale with Hannah’s funeral.

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13 Reasons Why season three is now going to take a completely different path referred to months ago by Brian Yorkey, a decision-maker. “I don’t see a tremendous continuing presence for Hannah because I think we needed her to finish telling the side of her story to everyone else and we needed her to get Clay to say, I love you and I let you go.”

Langford also said goodbye to her character in a heartfelt Instagram post after the end of season two. Each of the primary casts is suspects, along with some fresh faces, and there are several hints to suggest who it might be.

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