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20-Year-Old Commits Suicide After Facebook Friends Bullied Him For Dating A Transgender

A person who was bullied in a viral Facebook video about a transgender person from man to a woman committed suicide. Maurice Willoughby, who is also known as Reese by his dad, was just twenty years old when he was born as a biological male after defending his relationship with Faith.

Last month Willoughby defended his Facebook relationship. He even scratched the name of Faith on his brow. “When she’s not passable I don’t care if she’s not born a girl, she’s a girl to me, and I love her defects, that makes her faith so if you’re listening to her tale it’s motivating. I’m glad you should be pleased with me.”

However, according to a friend who said Willoughby had a history of mental issues, including depression, social media users were bullying Willoughby. “He was picked up and talked all the time,” said a close friend. “Where we came from, whether you like a trans woman and you like black, the streets are going to speak about you, a battle you, even try to murder you.”

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Amiyah Scott, a transgender from the MtF and star of the now-canceled “Star” series, tweeted a plea to end the stigma of transgenders from heterosexual men. “It is not wrong to love a transgender woman and I wish we could break that stigma,” Scott tweeted on Monday 19 August.

“News that one can’t contain: my heart has been stunned right now to get this news! That was my best friend and a trustee. And now that you have gone, it is not what will disturb me, but the bullying and the depression that has taken you away. We both suffer greatly and we stayed strong and together… and now one of us is gone up to A Higher Place In The Sky!!! Man, that’s messing me bad! R.I.H. Man of Reese”

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