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Asteroid ‘God Of Chaos’ Is Capable To Blast Earth With A Strong Force Of 65k Nukes, NASA Reveals Images

Recently, NASA has revealed images of the “God of Chaos” Asteroid which has left some scientist worried.  An Asteroid, dubbed the God of Chaos which currently looks like a giant pebble hurtling through space, could one day come crashing into the earth with the power of 65k Hiroshima Nuclear Bombs. Sources said that NASA named the Asteroid as 99942 Apophis after the Ancient Egyptian God of evil, darkness, which birthed the nickname of “Gods of Chaos” by NASA.

Although, NASA images revealed the sheer size of Apophis and at 370 meters. Images of Apophis were taken over a week-long period by NASA. According to sources, Apophis is traveling at almost 25,000mph meaning a slight detour from its trajectory could be catastrophic and NASA is keen to learn as much from the Asteroid as possible to help prevent further asteroid issues in the future.

According to NASA, the rock is expected to shine exceptionally bright in the sky and pick up speed as it flies across the sky in 2029 respectively. However, Nothing more has said by NASA on this matter but it’s a worrying situation for all of us. According to sources, some scientist already claimed the Apophis arrival in the year 2013. But unfortunately, nobody paid attention to that matter and there is no strong prove about Asteroid respectively.

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Source – The Morien Institute

Therefore, NASA has begun preparations for the upcoming “God of Chaos” Asteroid, which is considered potentially hazardous to earth as it passes so close to the planet. However, expert’s are not as confident about the “God of Chaos” flight path come 2068. Well, there is no other current statement of any scientist by NASA.

Therefore, NASA revealed images related to Asteroid and According to NASA, “God of Chaos” is capable to blast the earth with a strong force of 65,000 nukes, respectively.

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