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Need For Speed Heat: Gameplay Revealed At Gamescom, Shown Positive Response!

A newly action-packed Need for Speed Heat gameplay trailer revealed at Gamescom. The last installment of Need For Speed released two years ago since then there is no sign of another NFS game in development. So Ea is already in the period where they desperately need a new NFS game to save their franchise.

So EA bought Need For Speed Heat this year and could kill the competition this year.


Release Date

Need for Speed Heat is arriving this year and this could be a piece of great news for the fans after a two-year gap. Need for Speed Heat will release on 8th November.


All Desired Platforms were considered for a release and NFS followed their tradition like always. Need for Speed Heat will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


Specialties of NFS Heat

Day/Night Gameplay

Need For Speed Heat has everything which an NFS lover needs, from fancy cars to Cops. it has everything. On Bonus Day/Night gameplay got implemented in the game so that you can race any time of the whole schedule.

Cop Vs Racer Mentality 

Need for Speed is totally based upon street racing and traditional Cops Vs Racers mentality. So it would be a great addition to the game whereas Cops Vs Racers is not much effective in past series of Need for Speed unlike Most Wanted.

Why it is Necessary?

As Need for Speed progressing in terms of new installation their standards is degraded within the release. Last Need for Speed ruled the racing games section when they release the sequel of popular series Most Wanted. So to maintain their standards, developers should avoid the break of a long period. Need for Speed been silent for nearly two years.

Rise of Forza Horizon

Without competition, there is no scope of development and improvements in every section. Gaming also follows the rule of being better than “others”, Forza horizon is regarded as the biggest threat to the Need for Speed franchise. Forza did unfollow its tradition and bought the game to Microsoft Windows, Forza is the bundle product of Xbox consoles which were exclusive till the fourth installment. But now Forza has also been in the race for PC games too, so in simple Need For Speed will have a tough competition now.

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