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Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why Season 3? Is It Worth Your Watch? Find Out Here

So, finally, Netflix is back with its controversial hit drama series 13 Reasons Why for its third season with a series of 13 episodes.

Last season ended on a dramatic cliffhanger so fans are very eager to know what would happen next in the series as the finale of the second season ended on a failed school shooting at Liberty High School by Tyler, so what would next happen to Clay Jensen and his classmates.

And after the release of the trailer for the third season it has opened a whole of mystery book in front of the viewers as Bryce Walker is murdered and whole of the focus is now shifted towards the death of Bryce as he was a leading phase of the series, so it is expected that season third would totally revolve around the mystery of Bryce’s murder.

Source – Entertainment Weekly

Introducing some of the new faces too with missing of Sheri Holland who was one of the very important characters of the second season. So, yaa we can say theirs a lot of mess created by the trailer of the third season of 13 Reasons Why, which would only be cleared once the show goes on air that is on 23rd August.

And it has also been confirmed by the show maker that the series would return for its fourth and the final season. So, I would highly recommend you to watch the third season as its totally worth it to been watched off. And ya there would be no lesser of thrill and mystery too in this season and is expected to be a fully hit series like its first season.

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