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Robin Hood’s Jamie Foxx And Katie Seperated After 6 Years Of Dating Each Other

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes got separated. Their relationship had been going on for almost six years now.  The couple only recently became a little more open about their relationship to the public but fans were quick enough to see that there is something wrong between the two.

The news about their split has been circulating on the internet since May but it was never confirmed by any source until recently after Foxx was seen holding hands with Sela Vave at a nightclub in Los Angeles. Vave can be seen as the stars young love interest.  She is an emerging singer, songwriter and a model and a source came out to say that “She’s just a girl he’s helping out, a young singer”

Another source overheard a conversation where Katie was talking to a friend and mentioned that “I and Foxx haven’t been seeing each other for months”.  Well, that explains the rumors of the split back in May.

Source – Fox News

The couple was seen together for the first time on the red carpet at the Met Gala when they posed for the camera together, but things went down in April when both of them got busy and were trying too hard to take out time for each other and be together.

It was just the beginning of Foxx and Holmes taking their relationship a little more public they were seen together wrapping 2018 with a yacht party in Miami but certain things didn’t work out for the couple and we feel bad for them, hope they can get back together.

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