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4 Things You Should Know Before Binge-Watching 13 Reasons Why Season 3

The oldest, loudest, and most important of all teenage dramas by Netflix continues to raise severe questions and poke slightly controversial topics. After the completed season 1, the still-controversial ’13 Reasons Why Season 2′, the makers are finally up for the 3rd season. Season 2 of the drama ended in a hurry. The rushed storyline of the last 10 minutes swallowed some crucial details.

13 Reasons Why Season 3 starts on Friday. So, if you fall for the 13 new, nearly one-hour episodes of 13 Reasons Why three this weekend, you have to orient yourself.

#1 The prevented killing spree: Clay’s intense cliffhanger

Determined, Tyler ( Devin Druid ) leaves at the end of the season for the school building, where the spring ball rages. He wants to take revenge on whoever. He does not look as if he is alone for his tormentors who assaulted him a few hours earlier in the school toilet with a wooden handle. The series stages him as a school shooter according to the scheme of rampages of Columbine.

However, Tyler spares Clay ( Dylan Minnette ), who can finally dissuade him from his decision.

#2 The Trial: Bryce came away with a black eye

Much of Season Two follows up the investigation of allegations that Jessica ( Alisha Boe ) is making against Bryce Walker. Crushing statements in spite of the perpetrator comes after a symbolic Metoo speech by Jessica with a suspended sentence that lasts three months. The verdict caused resentment among the prosecutors.

The Season 3 trailer now reveals that Bryce Walker has been murdered. Anyone who was close to Jessica or Hannah or was crushed by Bryce ( Justin Prentice ) at school, almost all people under 18 in the city, is now suspicious. Especially Clay, who never hid his disgust for Bryce.

#3 Chloe is pregnant

In the general hustle and bustle of the season finale, something went down that Chloe ( Anne Winters) revealed her pregnancy. Bryce’s ex-girlfriend, like Jessica and Hannah, had non-consensual intercourse with Bryce.

The pregnancy has excellent potential for conflict and will play an essential role in Season 3. The trailers build Bryce’s mother ( Brenda Strong ) as the new antagonist in the series, which will play a similar position as Meryl Streep in the second season Big Little Lies. Chloe stands here with her unborn child like no other figure between the fronts.

#4 Hannah Baker’s Chapter Is Finally Over

Dead Girls Lies finally breaks away from them, mind you, German title in Season 3, though 13 Reasons Why, the original title, has not aged much better. Anyway, Katherine Langford’s Hannah, in Season 2, still present as a kind of power-ghost and embodiment of the bad conscience of all teenagers, has said good-bye to the series, Clay has finished with Hannah.

Her mother (Kate Walsh) also turns her back on the Netflix drama. Thus, the series lost its base and its origin, a radical transformation, from drama to crime thriller, is not excluded in season 3.

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