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5 Reasons Why ‘Not’ To Watch ’13 Reasons Why Season 3′

So, as Netflix is back with its controversial hit drama series, 13 Reasons Why for the third season with a 13 episodes series streaming from 23rd August.

So, why I am saying not to watch the third season of 13 Reasons Why is if you remember the second season of the series, it was just a waste of time.  The showrunner has just dragged anyhow the series to the second season which just revolved around the court hearings and all the legal procedure which was just something very different from the story of the first season.

The first season of 13 Reasons Why was one of the hit drama series at that time but the second season was not even average to be watched it was just a boring one, even viewers expected at every moment something shocking and thrilling to happen but there was nothing shocking in the second season.

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And now, after the release of the trailer for the third season, the show has been made into such a mess, as now it’s shown that Bryce Walker is no more and have been murdered by someone. and it is damn sure that season third would totally revolve around the mystery of the murder of Bryce who was one of the leading suspects in Hannah’s suicide.

If you remember Sheri Holland who helped  Justin to recover from the damage and to make him clean in society is missing in the series and his absence is expected due to mismatch of shooting schedules. So, yes, due to mismatch of time we are gonna miss Sheri Holland in the series.

So, I highly advise you not to waste your time on such series which isn’t even worthy to be watched out.

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