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8-Year-Old Colorado Boy Severely Injured After Mountain Lion Attacks In Bailey

An 8-year-old Colorado boy was seriously injured in a mountain lion attack, wildlife officials said Thursday. On Wednesday evening in Bailey, the boy and his brother were playing outside on the trampoline, and suddenly the 8-year-old heard a friend calling him from the neighbor’s house. When he ran to visit the friend, a Mountain Lion attacked him by biting on his head.

The brother of the boy ran inside the home and told his father, who rushed outside and found the lion on top of his son. The mountain lion let go and took off running as the father approached. Rebecca Ferrell, a spokeswoman for the wildlife agency, said about the boy’s father, “It’s quite heroic. He did everything that we would ask somebody to do,” Ferrell said the children’s high-pitched voices probably sounded like prey to the mountain lion, and its instinct to attack could have been triggered when the boy started running to his neighbor’s house.

Then the child was taken to hospital, the official said.

Park officers set out traps in hopes of finding the lion. A team of three dogs was also brought to the home to search, Colorado Parks & Wildlife said.

On Thursday, a landowner reported his goat was missing and said he saw two mountain lions. Wildlife officers responded and found the two lions fitting the description of the lion that attacked the 8-year-old. Both animals were euthanized, wildlife officials said.

In February, a trail runner is attacked by a young mountain lion in Horsetooth Mountain Open Space west of Fort Collins. The runner was bitten in the attack, but he was able to fight off the lion, killing the cat.

There have been 22 mountain lion attacks on humans in Colorado since 1990, including three fatalities, wildlife officials said. Three attacks have occurred this year including one on Aug. 10, northeast of Kremmling, wildlife officials said.

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