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Dragon Age 4: Is “Anthem” Reason Behind Delay In Announcement Of Bioware’s Latest?

Bioware productions are now working on  Dragon Age. The new Dragon Age will be the fourth edition of the series, and its name finally decided as  Dragon Age-The Dread Wolf Rises. However, there is no sign of unveiling yet, but developers could have a trick up to their sleeves and could reveal the game soon.

A recent tweet from Chad Robertson, BioWare’s head of live service, indicates that the studio has only intentions to work on Anthem. Despite many members of the development team are being shifted over to work on Dragon Age 4.

Possible Reasons Why Dragon Age 4 got delayed

Project Dragon Age 4

The last Dragon Age game was released in 2014, and now Bioware is working on Dragon Age The Dread Wolf Rises. The project is under development with the help of Anthem as the game is based on the code of Anthem. But you don’t know that the first version of Dragon Age 4, was codenamed, Joplin. 

Anthem Development

There’s a bit late in decision making as EA willing to have more live service features in the game, and Anthem requiring more human resources to be more unpredictable. So most of the crew members were focused on Anthem rather than Dragon Age. Indeed Anthem is the biggest hit yet. Anthem is the main reason behind the delay in working of Dragon Age 4 but also beneficial for providing the source code for the game.

Political Agenda

There are many strifes among the crew of the Bioware who are working on the project of Dragon Age 4 as new Star Wars will set on the schedule. So Dragon Age 4 Dread Wolf Rises has made promises about the story that has some worries as its not the way its to be told, so there are so many ambiguities related to the storyline of the game.

Hence these are the possible reasons which could play an important role in delaying the next installment of the Dragon Age.

Will We See Dragon Age 4 at Gamescom?

The main concern about the Dragon Age 4 is that Wil Game going to tease at Gamescom 2019? Or they have other plans for the reveal of the next Dragon Age. If we are talking about Dragon Age 4 Unveil, then it is not possible right now.

When Dragon Age 4 Teased?

A teaser was shown at The Game Awards 2018, but at the time, Dragon Age 4 was reportedly so early in development. Few months have passed when Dragon Age 4 teased at Game awards and reportedly not be in the condition to be showcased at E3. Even the title of the game is not confirmed yet, at the end of the trailer it displayed “The Dread Wolf Rises.” So this must be the possible title of the game, but we are not exactly sure about it.

Expected Release Date

Dragon Age 4 is not likely to release before 2021 mid, so there are two years more on the calendar. However, it is not expected to be exhibit at E3 or nether title is confirmed for the game, so it looks like the game is in worse condition than we thought.

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