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Elite Season 2 To Superbad, Netflix Just Revealed Its ‘September’ What’s Next Card

Netflix has finally revealed the dropping date of Elite Season 2 to be dropped by Friday, 6th of September this year. Elite is a Spanish teen drama series full of emotional drama after the shocking ending of its first season finally it’s back for the second season. Yet, there’s no trailer for the second season of Elite, but Netflix has dropped a short promotional video featuring some of the leading casts brooding in a room with red light all over after just which the release date is announced.

And it seems as cast would be Guzmán played by Miguel Bernardeau, Samuel by Itzan Escamilla, Nadia by Mina El Hammani, Carla by Ester Expósito, Nano by Jaime Lorente, Omar by Omar Ayuso, Ander by Arón Piper,  Polo by Álvaro Rico and Lu by Danna Paola are expected to return to the series for season two of Elite’s.

So if u remember ending of season one it was seen that Polo killed a sixteen-year-old pregnant girl Marina. After which, Marina’s boyfriend found her body but due to the fear of getting arrested in the charge’s of her girlfriend’s murder he flees from there, just after which his younger brother Samuel found her body and was arrested in the charge of murder of Marina.

Source – Entertainment Tonight

And as in the finale police investigation carries on, in which Nano has been the prime suspect of the murder in the eyes of the police after which some new leads in the case are revealed.

Hence, the viewers would be expecting that Omar comes out of the closet to draw out a strong reaction and that-too-that relationship between Nadia and Guzman should be clearly addressed in the upcoming season of Elite.

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