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FIFA 20: Ball Mystery And Volta Mode Gameplay Revealed At Gamescom!

FIFA 20 is just a month away from its release, and we have two surprises here as Volta is highly hyped. But another blow on the card by EA is Mystery Ball Mode, which also looks quite good.

Mystery Ball Mode

It could be a great addition to the house rules as Dribbling is more focused on the game. Ball control looks very astonishing as the players can’t lose possession easily.

Volta Mode

Volta mode is none less than a revolution in the FIFA franchise as it suddenly enhances the popularity of the game. FIFA Volta mode comprises of street football action with many places in the form of stadiums.

Places like Barcelona, Rome, Paris will be the center of attention of the mode.

About Volta Mode

There was just a little session of FIFA street in the journey section of the game. The fans so much appreciate this edition, and they will love that street mode introduced in the FIFA 20. FIFA Street is also another franchise of FIFA but its not on their plate anymore. So adding street mode in the FIFA 20 is a bonus for fans and it could be a moment of rejoicing for them as two games merged in one. It is nicknamed as Volta, which features both the males and females players.

Volta Story Mode Reveal At Gamescom

Last Night as in turn of events at Gamescom opening night, there were numerous trailers unveiled. FIFA mainly focused on Volta mode this year and an in-depth trailer unveiled at Gamescom.

Reveal of Volta Gameplay

Gamescom promised to bring some exciting gameplays of the teased games. Now FIFA fans can take a sigh of relief as Volta Gameplay revealed at Ea Conference in the Gamescom. Detailed gameplay is unveiled at Gamescom in which a 3Vs3 Rush match played in a showcase.

FIFA 20 promised to bring some more changes to the popular franchise as there will be some adjustments in the impact engine. Online issues also considered for the rectification and FIFA 20 could be the best the fans will get.

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