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Gamescom 2019: Ray-Tracing Powered Games Teased At Event!

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is the reboot version of popular series Modern Warfare and its almost a thrill to play. Call of Duty series was not up to the mark in these past years but looks like Modern Warfare had bought life in this series.

Developers: Infinity Ward, Raven Software, Beenox, High Moon Studios

Release Date: October 25, 2019

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4


Control is Remedy’s latest and its mechanics will take you down to the memory lane of Max Payne and Quantum Break. Nvidia RTX technology is highly appreciable in this game and details are even smoother than ever.

Developers: Remedy Entertainment

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4

Release Date: August 27, 2019

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Wolfenstein: Youngblood is a great example of storyline and gameplay, however, it’s gameplay none less than a soldier based FPS. Wolfenstein: Youngblood offers Nvidia latest technology Ray Tracing which makes the game having more immense impact on the graphics and textures.

Developers: MachineGames, Arkane Studios

Release Date: July 26, 2019 (Already Released)

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4

Marvel’s Avengers

After Avengers: Endgame, there is good news for the Marvel fans as  The Marvel Avengers was all set for release next year. As the game announced as part of a new partnership with Marvel Entertainment and Square Enix early last year.

In Marvel Avengers, there is a much need to clarify the plot as we can assume that Captain America will be no more in the game storyline. First, the omission of Hawkeye and now Captain America Death, the game will be full of twists and turns.

Gamescom teased character gameplay which is in more depth than Comic-Con and other games.

Developer: Crystal Dynamics

Platform: PC, Xbox One, PS4

Release Date: May 15, 2020

Gears 5

However, Gears 5 teased at E3 earlier but Gamescom gave more glimpse of the game. Yesterday at the opening night of the Gamescom, Several Publishers have shown a glimpse of their masterpieces. Gears 5 is among one which was teased and it looks absolutely stunning and mechanics are on point this time. Campaign Story was teased at Gamescom where Kait is considered as a Center of attention in the game. She is doing some stuff which could not be good for her companions.

Developer: The Coalition

Platforms: PC, Xbox One

Release Date: September 10, 2019

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