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Man Drowned 3-Year-Old To Death To Make Space For Another Child At Home

An East Texas guy who admitted drowning his girlfriend’s three-year-old son to create space for his unborn kid in the house will spend the remainder of his life in jail. According to reports, Bobby Woods Jr., 21, of Lufkin, was charged with drowning three-year-old Mason Cuttler in 2015 and admitted to the police that he was murdered because his wife Billie Jean Cuttler was pregnant and wished to create space in his home, which at the moment housed three families.

Woods informed the police that he was pushing Mason into a pond on the estate of the family in Lufkin, 115 miles south of Houston, turning his back and drowning him. On August 18, 2015, a day after he was reported missing, the body of the kid was discovered. Researchers also discovered that Cuttler was not pregnant as Woods claimed.

His trial started last week, and Woods claimed on August 15 that his confession was a lie and that the officials questioning him intimidated him. He said he had waived his Miranda Rights because he believed he had an attorney for guilty individuals, and because he wished to justify himself and his innocence, he spoke to the police.

But the next day, during the closing arguments, Assistant District Attorney Ken Dies told the jury that Woods was not in custody when he gave statements to investigators freely and voluntarily and that the 21-year-old did not argue with them in the early stages of the investigation. John Tunnell, attorney for the protection of Woods, informed jurors that the drowning of Mason was a tragic accident and that there was no proof of a crime.

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He asserted that his client had taken a polygraph examination against him as a tactic of interrogation. He said the 21-year-old didn’t understand the findings in court were inadmissible, and they were used to elicit a false confession from him. The jury convicted Woods of capital assassination after a few hours of deliberations. He was sentenced to life imprisonment on Monday, August 19, without the option of parole.

Cuttler was also charged with the capital assassination in connection with the death of her nephew but struck a plea deal that saw her agree to testify in Woods trial if she was summoned to the witness in exchange for a lenient sentence. She also agreed to waive any further appeals concerning her jurisdiction and criminal case. She pleaded guilty to a lower second-degree felony conspiracy charge for killing and was convicted to 20 years in prison.

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