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Need For Speed Vs Forza, Will Latest Franchise Heat Impact Competition?

To make progress competition is must, and for your survival, you have to be the best in the business. Racing games are quite popular and there are so many of them. But if you hear the word racing game then there is some tingling in your head about the need for speed or Forza.

These two are maters of the segments and gave tough competition to each other every year out there. But the real concern is that which is better in two of them.

I will finish this debate right here as pointing out the major differences in the two games.

The motion of the favor of any game totally depends upon your preferences and choices.


Forza is preferred by users who only want a racing action on a limited structure. Forza compromises of races, vehicles over 200 and offroad circuits. So for the realistic driving experience, you should go for Forza and it doesn’t ever disappoint you. For track Racing purposes, Forza have also moto series which works on the principle of track racing. So it’s a double bonanza for the fans who love Forza.

Need for Speed

Now the game which changed the shape of racing games. Racing in games is only limited to Racing but Need for Speed bought a lot in their franchise which users could enjoy. The Cops vs Racers mentality in Need for Speed is just enough to develop the deserving hype. So need for speed have no limits as their customization of cars, the chase of police and unique arcade driving experience.

So comparing them for the best doesn’t make any sense after all, so this has only one conclusion and it’s the preference of the player.

Sarthak Gaur
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