Back in October 2018, at New York’s Comic-Con, producer Geoff Johns announced that “Titans Season 2” is already in the works. And finally, Season 2 of “Titans” will be available in the US from 6 September 2019. However, fans only with the streaming service of DC Universe will be able to access it legally.

When the second season of the “Titans” makes it to us, so far can only be suspected. However, this may not take that long. The first season was first streamed from 19 October 2018 at DC Universe, but then came to Netflix in January. If we expect this time again from a three-month delay, we can expect in December 2019 with Titans Season 2.

Source – Comics Beat

The cliffhanger showed us a fleeing, muscle-bound man with a superman tattoo, who freed his dog. Fans have easily recognized Superboy’s dog crypto, and the fugitive is said to be “Conner Kent” – Superboy. The popular hero of the DC universe seems to be very angry at his escape.

We also met the “Doom Patrol,” a troupe of freaks patched together by a genius doctor. Among them Rita Farr, also known as Elasti-Girl or Elasti-Woman. “Hawk” and “Dove,” also known a Hank and Dawn, possibly heading to the house where Raven and her family members, Dick and Garfield are at the base – while “Wonder Girl” and “Koriand’r” are outside the fence waiting.