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What Does Ring Flashing On Finger Sparks For Selena Gomez Secret Engagement Or Anything Else.

Selena Gomez was found in Beverly Hills and it is talked about by individuals as she was seen wearing some severe bling on her wedding ring finger. After The Weeknd and Bella Hadid broke up, this also happened, so people can’t assist but create a link. Gomez was seen alone at the Beverly Hills jewelry shop XIV Karats, according to reports. While witnesses thought the ring could mean something like a commitment, the newspaper explained that the singer might have purchased the ring as a late donation for her birthday for herself.

Although she was seen in the jewelry shop, whether Gomez purchased the ring for herself or whether someone gave it to her is still not certain. It was suggested that the Weeknd gave the ring, but the two did not reconcile. Besides, it was only a week since the breakdown of The Weeknd and Hadid. Also speculated to have given the ring was Gomez’s renal donor, Francia Raisa. However, reports stated that it might not be Raisa either because of the rumored rift between the two best buddies.

According to the reports, Gomez and Raisa had a fallout and have not spoken to each other for nine months now. The cause of the conflict has been said to be the unhealthy choices made by the former Disney star when it comes to living their lives. The 31-year-old “Grown-ish” actress was rumored to be angry about her best friend not taking care of herself after the transplant when she gave her one of her kidneys a lot of sacrifices.

Source – Billboard

Raisa was found to be a match for the much-needed kidney transplant from Gomez in 2017, and she took the risk of saving the life of her best friend. But Raisa now believes that, contrary to what she promised after their operations, reports claimed, Gomez is not living a healthy life. It took a long time to recover, and it was said that Raisa was in pain for months, only later to find out that the person who received her kidney was drinking alcohol again. According to accounts, this made her angry.

Meanwhile, after last week’s split from The Weeknd and Hadid, the name of Gomez is again linked to the rapper. However, there is no news as to whether the two reconnected. People see the ex-couple as a perfect match, but unfortunately, their relationship only lasted ten months.

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