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FIFA: PC-Console Cross-Platform Implementation Crucial For Franchise!

FIFA 20 is on its way but currently, FIFA 19 is playable for the users and they are playing it until the other one’s rolls out. But there are so many problems within the squads of the game.

As you know that transfer window is going on and transfers are on a high note. But these transfers are not so important for the franchise as these transfers will accumulate in an update.

Why FIFA should Update Squad Within Ongoing Transfers?

FIFA now onwards should update the squads as transfers are going live in the game. Users will have an idea of players in their squads and could successfully manage it in the next edition.

Squad Update occurred only in Winter Transfer and summer transfer update arrive only after the release of the new game. This is just inappropriate for the previous version users as they can’t play with the latest transferred players.

Cross-Platform in FIFA

FIFA is an e-sports simulation which is thoroughly enjoyed by the whole world on their desired platforms. But they always are up against each other of the same platform which needs to be changed in future franchises.

Why Cross-Platform is Important in FIFA

Cross-platform is crucial in FIFA, as there are many factors which could benefit the experience of FIFA.

  • Better Matchmaking

it’s pretty obvious, no one wants to wait longer for a match and with the same platform’s system, it’s always late for matchmaking. so with the cross-platform matchmaking process will be smooth and players will find their competitors easily.

  • Level of Competition

FIFA has a good level of competition, but it is based on ranks and seasons division wise. So to extend the competition players from every platform should emerge in one. So that the competition builds higher and tough for the experience of FIFA.

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