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‘I Love Liam And Always Will’ Miley Cyrus Responds To Claims Of Her Cheating On Liam

After Divorce, Miley Cyrus say “she loves Liam Hemsworth and always will”. Well, Miley Cyrus recently took to her Social media to clear all the rumors about her cheating on Liam Hemsworth and the reason their marriage ended. Fans were shocked when the news broke that the pair had decided to separate for the time being after only seven month of marriage. Though no details are know about the reason behind Cyrus and Liam split.

Although, Pop Star, Miley Cyrus denying rumors that her marriage to Liam Hemsworth ended because of infidelity of her part. On this matter, Cyrus uploaded lengthy caption post on her Twitter account. With the help of post Cyrus said “I can admit to a lot of things but I refuse to admit that my marriage ended because of cheating. Liam and I had been together form decades. I’ve said it before &it remains true. I love Liam and always will”. Well, all knows Hemsworth and Cyrus have been an on-again-again, off-again couple over the course of the last decade.

Source – Elle

Rumors says the reason of divorce between both Stars is that Cyrus had been unfaithful to Hemsworth erupted after the singer was seen kissing e-commerce entrepreneur Kaitlyn Carter in Italy right after the couple announced their split. But amid all the rumors, Cyrus opted to circumvent the media and went straight to Twitter on Thursday Evening. In her post Cyrus admitted some of her past mistake but she totally denies her divorce rumors and she added that when she and Hemsworth reconciled, she was committed to their relationship.

As well as, the singer also took to her Instagram to address her fans about the situation in details. Well, her Twitter statement put the truth of the breakdown of her and his husband’s relationship in front of everyone. Although, only the both husband and wife knows the truth of their relationship breakdown.

However, 26 years old singer said she had nothing to hide and she angrily denied rumors she had cheated on her estranged husband, actor Liam Hemsworth.

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