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Man Who Killed Toddler To Make More Space In Their Home Sentenced To Life Prison

A man drowned the three-year-old son of his roommate and told police that he wished more space for his unborn kid who did not exist. Bobby Woods Jr, 21, was convicted to life imprisonment on Friday after being found guilty of capital assassination in August 2015 for murdering Mason Cuttler.

Woods pushed the Mason into a pond close his home in Lufkin, Texas, then turned his back on the kid while drowning, ignoring his requests for assistance. He later informed the police that he had been pregnant with his wife, Billie Jean Cuttler. He stated that Cutler wanted her nephew, Mason, to be dead because they required more room in the house they shared with her brother, the dad of Mason. However, a police inquiry disclosed that, according to Cuttler’s lawyer, Billie Jean Cuttler had never been pregnant.

Also charged with capital murder was Billie Jean Cuttler, 23, but in June she made a plea deal and was charged with a lower charge of second-degree felony conspiracy to commit murder. She was convicted to 20 years in prison because, according to the accounts, her lawyer, Albert Charaza, argued that she was not qualified to stand trial because she was born early and suffered lead poisoning as a kid.

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An expert testified during Cuttler’s trial that she worked intellectually below 99.8 percent of the population, but a jury discovered her fit to stand trial. Prosecutors Ken Dies performed an audio clip in court that appeared to be a recording of Cuttler laughing about her trial and saying, ‘I’ll play dumb.’

Dies said that Cuttler was intentionally uncooperative and said to the jury: ‘Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, shame on us.’ Cuttler’s plea arrangement depended on her testimony and her willingness to waive appeals regarding her ability to stand trial. She also agreed to waive the criminal case’s appeals.

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