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Mass Effect 5: Does A Possible Renewal On The Cards?

It’s been two years since Mass Effect: Andromeda joined the series and became a massive flop in the market and didn’t meet with the expectations of Gamers around the world. But maybe they got a trick up to their sleeves with another series of mass effect next year.

It will be 5th edition of the game if the project is going on in the EA studios. As EA recently launched their masterpiece Anthem which became a massive hit in terms of gameplay and storyline. But not in revenue and other major parts which could decide the fate of the franchise.

The mass effect could be back to its best if they followed the major steps which decide the future of the game.

Storyline back to it’s Root

Mass effect failed due to the distracted storyline of the game which causes much ambiguity among the gamers if the next franchise wants to be hit then they should follow the roots of the game.

Meaningful Ending Choices

Mass Effect having strange choices in terms of ending either they should focus on one plot and not twist the theories with strange endings.

Proper Set of Characters

A well-defined crew is necessary for making a game blockbuster so they have to add new races and it will unrealistic to include new races, the whole Drell and Hanar history point becomes all the more important suddenly once again.

Adding New Features

The mechanics used in Andromeda are highly advanced and if the new series will add more features in the mechanics then there are more chances that game will once again back to its name what it’s known for.

So a possible release will be on its way next year maybe but for now, Ea has done in his Sci-fi segments and take it a bit lower when the new games up for the release.


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