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Minecraft Earth: Everything We Know So Far About Latest AR!

In the world of Augmented Reality (AR), there are many forms which the technology took shape these days. Course plan becoming more and more interactive with the help of AR technologies. But the revolutionary with this technology is the Games developed by the company. Games like Pokemon Go, Ingress, Zombies Run were the fine works of AR tech.

Minecraft is now expanding its platform to mobile devices, Minecraft Earth is an Augmented Reality (AR) based game which is quite amazing for its fans. It is announced by Microsoft on the occasion of the game 10th Aniversary.

Why Minecraft Earth Will Be the Best AR Game?

Minecraft will be pretty similar to Pokemon Go but there will be some modifications as it is reported that there will be more multiplayer interactive. Players will able to create an interface between reality and Minecraft spots as multiple devices are allowed at once. So simply users can create much more of their structures. On top of it has a massive advantage that players can interact with other players models which were not in the case of Pokemon Go.

Specialties of Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Eath will feature elements of the default game such as collecting the resources and battle against the monsters. EXP points are also on board inĀ  Minecraft and now we can just wait for the game for its release.

Release Date

Minecraft Earth will begin rolling out in beta in the summer of 2019, with aims to release the game in late summer.

Availability of Minecraft

Initially, we’ve heard that Minecraft Earth is now playable in around five cities in the world while Microsoft is currently testing the game and gathers feedback.

Microsoft’s aim is to implementĀ  Minecraft Earth globally release, using streets and other places.

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