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Minecraft: Ray Tracing Finally Impelemented, As It Happened!

Imagine yourself playing your classic games with the latest technology and you’re drooling over it. Mario and many more classic games got their upgraded versions in terms of graphics and textures but what about games which are not considered for worth upgrading. Minecraft which remarked as a masterpiece in the world of sandbox games got a makeover recently.

Usually, games got their upgrades in terms of graphics and textures but this time a fan stepped up to the occasion and gave the game a retouch in terms of the latest technology. Cody, a graphics programmer uses the Nvidia Ray tracing technology to give Minecraft a new look.

Nvidia Geforce confirmed the reincarnation of graphics through their twitter page and praising the efforts of the developer

Ray Tracing is a rendering technique for generating an image by tracing the path of light simply it enables the shadows of the objects in other objects. for ex trees reflection in the water and now Minecraft looks good with the ray tracing. Actually, it’s a fan-made project and still it’s such a pleasure to watch, look yourself and you’ll rub your eyes for sure.

But when a fan mode project will become reality it would be more awesome to see it. Minecraft with RTX is now enabled on the platform and it is officially unveiled by Nvidia.

In the trailer, you can clearly see that the game got a lot of improvements in textures and graphics. However, graphics on Minecraft never been concerned as the game is still based on classic engine and having a huge fanbase around the world.

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