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Moved Martian Rock Officially Named As A Rolling Stone, Robert Downey Jr. Makes The Revelation

The iconic rock band The Rolling Stones now formally reaches Mars. A little rock on the Martian surface, somewhat bigger than a golf ball, will be named after the band, forever called ‘Rolling Stones Rock.’ “NASA gave us something of which we had always dreamed,” lead singer Mick Jagger, 76, said Thursday evening during the Stones concert in Rose Bowl, Germany.

“I can’t think it, I want to take it back and put it on our coat.” Robert Downey Jr announced the ‘cosmic’ honor, before the Stones, part of the’ No Filter ‘ band tour, took the stage in 25 years for the first time at Rose Bowl. “This is so radical, thank you for letting me go through history,” said Downey Jr. on stage

The brilliant actor Tony Stark explained that when NASA’s InSight lander struck the surface of Martian on 26 November 2018, the rock thrusters rolled around three feet— tall within the boarding cameras of the ship. In images taken the next day, several divots were noticeable in the orange-red soil. It’s the most distant NASA that saw a rocking movement when a spaceship landed on another planet.

“Some NASA scientists, in the form of a fandom and smart association, said,’ Why do we not call it, Rolling Stones Rock?'” said Downey. The InSight mission is resulted by the NASA JPL, situated a few kilometers from the Rose Bowl. By requesting an audible vote from the 60,000 member audience Downey made the name quasi-official. No audible dissidents existed.

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Downey Jr. pledged a significant Thursday evening announcement on his official Twitter and Instagram accounts with a cryptic, tripped video — filmed with the Roling Stones logo at the very top against a galaxy background.

Downey Jr. told the video that he was« bubbling with anticipation ». “My gosh, I have a riddle inside me that I must share. What do the Rolling Stones, NASA, and the Rose Bowl, and my baby sign planet all have in common?”

“The people used to tell me, How do you maintain idiot suspense? Tomorrow I’ve been telling you.” he laughed. “Well, you must not wait, because all will be disclosed tonight. Oh, my God. Maybe this is the most interesting thing I’ve ever accomplished.”

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